How to do with trash?

This year, in Wakana's waste management approach, we're implementing a comprehensive strategy that addresses sustainability from various angles.

Firstly, we’re prioritizing waste separation into the classical recycling categories: organic, plastic, paper, and glass.

For organic waste, we’re utilizing a composting system that’s crucial to our ecological approach. Instead of simply discarding organic waste like food scraps and vegetable leftovers, we use it to feed the chickens, which turn them into valuable natural fertilizer for our gardens and orchards. This not only reduces the amount of waste ending up in landfills but also closes the loop by turning those waste materials into useful resources for our environment.

Additionally, we’re making the most of Wakana’s composting facility. This composter not only aids in efficiently sorting waste but also allows us to create high-quality compost that we use to nourish our plants and crops. It’s a process that promotes circularity and minimizes our environmental footprint.

In summary, our waste management approach this year is focused on reduction, reuse, and recycling, with a particular emphasis on composting and harnessing natural resources to promote sustainability at Wakana.