Recycled decorations

All our decorations are made with recycled materials! We firmly believe in the importance of caring for our planet and in the beauty that can be created from reused materials. Would you like to know some of the elements we use in our creations? Keep reading!

© Théo Saffroy

1. Pampas: We use these elegant and ethereal grasses as a central part of our main stage decorations, giving them a natural and sophisticated touch.

2. Agave flowers: We take advantage of the beauty and durability of these plants to create beautiful flowers that adorn our spaces in a unique way.

3. Paper mache with strips of recycled paper: Did you know that recycled paper can become an excellent raw material for art? We know it and we make the most of it. We use recycled paper to build some of our resting areas creating cushions.

4. Cardboards collected from the rubbish: We give a second life to the cardboards that others discard, transforming them into surprising decorative pieces.

5. Fabric strips from Penela Eklektika: Thanks to our collaboration with Penela Eklektika, we use fabric books of sofa and curtain stores to create colorful and original decorations.

6. Furniture from recycling centers: We are committed to recycling even in our furniture, rescuing pieces from recycling centers and giving them a new opportunity in our events.

7. Berber carpets from Medina of Marrakech: We source directly from local artisans in Marrakech, acquiring beautiful Berber carpets that bring warmth and authenticity to our spaces.

8. Recycled wool pom poms: What would decoration be without a touch of color? Our pom poms are made with recycled wool, adding joy in a sustainable way.

9. Threads and recycled fabrics from stores: We collaborate with various local stores to collect their surplus threads and fabrics, giving them a new life in our creations.

At Wakana Reunión, we believe that sustainability and beauty can go hand in hand. Each of our decorations tells a story of commitment to the environment and limitless creativity. Would you like to join this eco-friendly trend? Contact us and discover how to participate in the making of our decorations and volunteer work!