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Practical info & FAQ

Get general information about the reunion. ▴

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General Reunion Info

  • All ages welcome.
  • Kids 5 & under Free. (General Admission only.)
  • Rain or shine.
  • All patrons subject to search.
  • Lineup & set times are subject to change without notice.
  • Market and food vendors accept credit/debit/mobile pay.
  • Onsite accommodation is 18+ unless accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.


Opening Time
Friday, from 15:00 h.
Shows starting at 18:00 h.

Closing Time
Monday, at 15:00 h.
Accommodation check out at 14:00 h.


  • Don’t forget to bring your ID to show it at the entrance.
  • Ticket will be replaced at the entrance by a single wristband that is worn all three days.
  • A wristband is only valid for the specific dates that you purchased.
  • A wristband is required to enter accommodation and venue grounds.
  • Wristbands are void if tampered with or removed.
  • Wristbands are non-transferable once applied.
  • Access tickets do NOT include accommodation. These must be purchased separately.
  • The Organisation will not be held responsible for tickets that have not been acquired via official online or physical vendors or which have been forged or duplicated.
  • Don’t print your tickets, phone screen is fine. Let’s save the trees!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions? Read our FAQ first.


What’s the minimum age required to buy a ticket?

The minimum age required to buy the ticket is 18 years.

How can I buy the ticket?

On the link on this page. Look in “Want to attend?”, or the window “buy tickets”on the menu, and follow the instructions.

Is accommodation included in the ticket price?

No, you have to buy it separatly.

Do I have to print the ticket?

Not at all, phone screen is fine. Let’s save the trees!

Do I have to bring my ID card?

Yes please, you’ll need to show it with your ticket at the entrance.

Is the ticket refundable if I can’t attend the event?

No sorry, it’s not. But you can always find a friend who can and pass the ticket to him. To change the ticket name, contact us: info@wakanalakereunion.comWe do suggest you to sell the ticket, or gift it, only to people you trust in order to maintain the harmony in Wakana.

Does the card or the email I received count as an entrance?

No sorry, the only way to get your ticket and enjoy Wakana, is by following the instructions on “Want to attend” or entering the window “Buy tickets” on the menu. Either if you have been invited by card or email, both methods don’t count like entrances.

Are there any others webs where I can find the tickets?

No, only through this website. Don’t trust anybody else. The risk is not worth it.If finally you don’t buy the ticket in this web, please be very sure of what you’re doing and from who you’re buying. Remember that Wakana’s not responsible for tickets purchased from unauthorised sellers.


What kind of food will be served during the reunion?

Only Spanish food. Mediterranean kitchen is rich in good and healthy products and we want to offer you the best. And if you don’t know the Spanish kitchen yet, this is the perfect occasion to try its typical recipes.

Are there vegetarian and vegan options?

During every dinner and lunch there’s an option made only by vegetables. We care about you.

How much will be the price?

Every lunch and dinner option will cost 13€. The brunch we’re offering on sunday will cost 15€. If I get hungry out of the conventional hours for dinner and lunch, will I find something to eat? Yes, in the sweet area & pizza corner which stays opened 24h.

Can I bring my own food?

No sorry, we need to control the amount of trash. Remember you’re in a protected and very special area. If you’re allergic or you have any intolerance, please ask to cookers before start eating or let us know sending and email to:


What kind of drinks will be served during the reunion?

You’ll find beer, wine and long drinks, made with love from our bartenders.

Is there a drinking water access?

Yes, you’ll find them in the map we’ll give you when you arrive.

There will be no alcoholic drinks?

Yes, in the sweet area which stays opened 24h. There you’ll find fresh smoothies and juices.

How much will be the price?

2 for soft drinks, 3€ for beers and wine, 5€ for drinks and 7€ for longdrinks.

Can I bring my own alcohol or drinks?

No sorry, we need to control the amount of trash. Remember you’re in a protected and very special area.


Are there ATMs?

No, there are not. If you really need it, you can go to the closest town, Benalup-Casas viejas, only 8 km away. Ask at the reception, they’ll help your needs with pleasure.

How can I get them?

You can change your money at the reception. 1€ is 1 W€, 5€ is 5 W€, and so on.

On site

Can I bring my own tent?

We have thought about everything for you so you don’t need to bring anything. You just need to choose your accommodation in Buy tickets.

Can I charge my phone?

We have three plugs in the reception so yes, you can. Anyway we kindly ask you, if it’s not urgent, to leave them free for those that may need it for their laptop and to get some work done. Bring adaptor depending on the country you’re coming from.

Is there wifi?

Only in the reception.

Is there a storage area where I can leave important stuff like money, camera, phone and passport?

No, there’s not. It’s your responsibility to well lock your tepee/yurta door. We can offer you to leave your passport at the reception, as done in the last edition.

Are there showers? And with hot water?

Of course. And yes, with hot water, even if you will surely prefer a cold shower, we’re in the South of Spain!

Do I have to pay for the activities?

Yes you do, and if you want you can book them in advance, contact us: Don’t miss them!

Which clothes do I need to wear?

Those that make you feel more comfortable. Remember we’re in the nature for three days and there’s a lake, don’t forget your swimwear!

Are temperatures hot?

Yes, normally it’s quite hot, but bring something for the night, it might get a little bit colder or windy.

What things do I need to bring?

We suggest you to bring:

  • mosquito repellent
  • comfy shoes
  • swimwear
  • sunglasses
  • a van
  • a locker
  • a portable charger
  • adaptor to charge your mobile or laptop (if needed)
  • lots of energy and good vibes

What things I can’t bring with me? (we’ll check your baggages before entering the area just to assure you read this)

  • food
  • alcohol
  • knifes or harmful things
  • bad vibes


Where is the closest airport?

The closest airport is the Málaga one: MALAGA AGP. It’s 1 hour and a half away. GIBRALTAR, JEREZ and SEVILLA are good options too.

Can I get a bus easily?

The taxi to the nearest village cost 5€ and from there you can get buses.

Can I get a taxi easily?

There will be a Taxi stop at our Parking.

Is parking free?

Our car park will cost €5 and will be guarded 24 hours a day by professional staff.