You Dance – We Plant. Musical Forest aims to facilitate and accelerate the music industry’s symbiosis with nature and tackle climate change by creating an easy-to-use tool to plant trees and improve accessibility to the world’s natural wonders.

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Los Alcornocales Natural Park is one of the most unique and attractive areas in Andalusia. Boasting the southernmost hardwood forest in Europe, a habitat of endemic ferns and home to the lynx and the cradle of millenary cultures, it is listed as ‘one of the ten natural wonders of Europe’.

It is a living and unique geography where nature, landscape, history, culture and human activity have given rise to a multiform mosaic in continuous change, which deserves to be known and preserved.

Musical Forest wants to contribute to its conservation. Under the supervision of the natural park authorities, it proposes the reforestation of areas near the Celemín Reservoir, specifically the “Bujeo” area of this enclave. The tree chosen in accordance with the area will be the Wild Olive Tree (Olea europaea var. sylvestris).

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Reforested trees in 2023


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Wild olive tree or Acebuche (Olea Europaea)

CO2 absorption capacity: 2,02kg/day

Medium-sized tree with evergreen leaves that withstand the harsh climate of drought and cold. Its small flowers in bunches bear fruit in autumn to produce the wild olive—a blackish fruit with a high proportion of oil, which has been consumed by man since ancient times. It is the symbol of well wishes and, above all, of peace.

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Contribute to Musical Forest project by replanting a Wild Olive Tree.
You have 2 options to choose from:

Small Wild Olive Tree

5,00 €

Medium Wild Olive Tree

15,00 €