Holistic resonance

by Ann Besudo & Juliana Silva

Sunday 19 16:00 – 17:00 Big Yurt ◼︎ Workshops

The Gong is an ancient instrument of transformation, nowadays used in various aspects of human life.

However, its main use is in sound therapy and meditation due to the profound effect it has on the body and mind.

The Gong is an intervibratory system that vibrates between 0.4 Hz and over 50,000 Hz; it is the sound of the Universe, from the Big Bang to the last stardust.

The power of the therapeutic Gong session lies in its holistic resonance. The sound vibrations affect our body, mind, and soul. As these waves vibrate in our body, cellular memory allows each cell to recall its natural resonance. During the session, the sound vibrations form an enveloping field of sound in space, full of deep vibrations and powerful harmonics that work on the physical body, emotions, and the mind, resulting in a deeply healing experience.

In complete resonance with this field, self-healing and cellular rejuvenation occur naturally. The Gong can create a sensation of dematerialization, levitation, sensitization of the physical body, increased life force, feelings of temporality, and inner peace. It leads us to encounter our essence, ourselves.

About Ann Besudo

Born in Colombia, Ann is a designer, artist, and sound therapist. Her mother, who has always encouraged and inspired her, introduced her to the fascinating world of sound 12 years ago. Ann was captivated by the sounds of the universe produced by Singing Bowls and the Gong, and their therapeutic effects.

About Juliana Silva

Juliana Silva is a professional industrial engineer who found her true passion in the world of alternative therapies and holistic experiences, particularly sound therapy. At the age of 22, Juliana had her first encounter with sound baths. Fascinated by the sound’s ability to induce states of deep relaxation and healing, she immersed herself in studying this ancient practice while continuing her professional career.

From a young age, Juliana was curious about different self-awareness techniques and tools that allow working on the body, mind, and spirit to achieve elevated states of consciousness. She has also been interested in healing methods that go beyond conventional approaches. Her constant search for balance, harmony, and authenticity led her to take various courses to learn techniques and tools for self-awareness and exploration, which she later decided to share with others. She trained as a coach in food psychology and has spent several years learning to use Singing Bowls and the Gong as complements to her life. Currently, she is undergoing training as a breathwork and yoga nidra coach.

At the age of 30, after traveling the world for 5 years seeking inspiration and wisdom from different cultures and traditions, she decided to leave her career as an engineer and dedicate herself to the world of well-being.