Sensual Silent Dance

by Anna Orlinski

Sunday 19 9:00 – 11:00 Big Yurt ◼︎ Workshops

Put your Silent Disco Headphones on and come with us on a journey within yourself surrounded by nature (and an unforgetable sunset).

In nature, you will have the chance to connect to the rhythm of the Earth. Let’s move together and enjoy a physical and spiritual experience.

In this dance form we are completely free to move as we like. Twirl, bounce, cheer, roll, together, alone, everything is allowed, it should just feel good. We don’t have to impress anyone and we are not judged, we can just let the music guide us and let our bodies take the lead. This can be a most liberating and healing experience.

Let’s go into ecstasy, fall in love with this life once more.

Please wear comfortable clothes. It is best to dance barefoot. For a deeper inner journey I recommend using a blindfold.