Heart resonance

by Julia Nar & Saritam

Saturday 18 15:00 – 17:00 Big Yurt ◼︎ Workshops

Connect with the deep resonance of your own inner heart beat through a 2 hour Vinyasa yoga flow focused around the heart chakra, guided by the gentle wisdom of Saritam.

Yoga Teacher Sarah Manton & the intuitively selected music of Aznar (musician Julia Nar).

About Julia Nar & Saritam

all things in our universe have resonance
an eternal vibration of light
dancing in our heart beats
connecting us to all beings

in yoga, the first vibration was OM
a sound that continues to resonate
through all of existence
through all of our hearts

to open your heart space
emotionally, physically, gently
is to open your entire being
to the collective sound

let the music guide you
let the breath be your leader
and the heartbeat your anchor
this is heart resonance