Awaken yourself with Amrita

by Lucia Marinetto

Sunday 19 15:00 – 16:00 Big Yurt ◼︎ Yoga

A unique workshop that invites attendees to embark on an introspective journey towards holistic well-being and expanded consciousness.

Awaken yourself with Amrita: Yoga & Universal Connection

At the heart of the vibrant ‘Wakana Reunion’ festival, Amrita offers an hour of immersion in deeply enriching Yoga practices, designed to align body, mind, and spirit.

In “Wake Up Your Being with Amrita,” each posture, each breath, is an opportunity to deepen our journey towards integral well-being. This workshop is designed for all levels of practice, offering tools for both beginners and experienced yogis who wish to deepen their understanding of yoga and its impact on our everyday lives.

I invite you to be part of this transformative experience, not only to practice Yoga but to reconnect with your most authentic essence, open your heart to new possibilities, and witness the strength that arises when we approach life with curiosity and openness. Join me in this experience of growth and discovery, and take with you not only a memory but a new approach to navigating your personal journey towards well-being and universal connection.

About Lucia Marinetto

Behind Amrita stands Lucia, a passionate seeker of both science and spirituality. I have dedicated many years to studying both branches and their interconnection. This workshop will not only explore revitalizing and harmonizing asanas but will also weave in knowledge of how neuroscience and quantum physics intertwine with ancient spiritual practices. Participants will have the opportunity to understand how conscious movement and breathing can transform our life experience, offering practical tools to bring serenity and balance into their daily lives.