Power Yoga

by Lucía Liencres

Saturday 18 12:00 – 13:00 Big Yurt ◼︎ Yoga

A dynamic and energizing class where we will flow to the rhythm of the breath, working on building fun and challenging poses for all practitioners.

About Lucía Liencres

It all began in August 2012. I went on vacation to Kenya to stay with my great-aunt Marujín, who has been a yogi for almost 40 years. Marujín would wake up every day at 7 am and the first thing she did was her daily meditation and yoga practice.

The first day I joined her for yoga practice, I couldn’t believe it. Despite being 41 years older than me, she was a thousand times fitter than me. I was stiff, my whole body hurt in any pose I attempted, and I struggled to maintain focus. However, she seemed to float effortlessly through her yoga practice.

And it wasn’t just physical. There was something else she transmitted to me while practicing yoga, maybe peace? I’m not sure, but it sparked a great interest in me… I needed it to disconnect and relieve my back pain.
I started practicing more often because it felt great to disconnect after work.

The more I practiced, the more I liked it, the better I felt, and the more interested I became in learning more about yoga. So, without thinking of becoming a teacher but with the goal of learning more about yoga, I decided to do a yoga teacher training. I taught a few classes to friends, I loved how I felt and saw that they enjoyed it too, I was very comfortable… so, gradually, I started balancing teaching yoga with my last job (I studied Law, worked as a lawyer for a few years, and then switched to insurance), until I was able to dedicate myself to yoga full time and thus live off my passion full time.

Getting to know myself, discovering myself, and knowing what I wanted in my life was what made me take the step out of my comfort zone. A few years ago, I started a new life where I learn a lot every day, where I meet very authentic people, and where I also feel like I’m helping a lot of people open their eyes in their lives and do it through yoga.

I teach and practice Ashtanga, Rocket, Vinyasa, and Yin yoga. My classes are demanding and dynamic. I firmly believe in the transformation of body-mind through constant and humble practice. I am certified by the Yoga Alliance RYT600H Hatha yoga, RCYT200H Kids Yoga, 50H Ayurveda, 130H Rocket Yoga TT, a student of KPYAYI Ashtanga Yoga in Mysore, India.

“Do your practice and all is coming” I have taken courses and practiced in Spain, the USA, India, and Bali with teachers like Kino Mc Gregor, Mark Robberds, Deepika Metha, Petri Reisanen, Saraswathi Jois, Peter Sanson, Meghan Currie, Simon Park, David Williams, Yogeswari, Nancy Gilgoff, Sharath Jois, Shiva Rea, and David Kyle. My ashtanga teachers in Spain are or have been Alexia Pita, Curro Arroyo, and Alberto, Jose Carballal, and Rafa. My teaching style is influenced by practicing with them.

I am an ARYM level IV Ayurvedic Yoga Massage therapist, a nutrition expert from UCM, and a therapist in La Nueva Terapia LNT®. I am also a student of Astrology, Vedanta, and Buddhism. I firmly believe in the transformation of body-mind through constant and humble practice.

My motto is: “Be as you want to be”. I am a very happy and fortunate teacher and student. I have made my dream come true, living in Tarifa, Cadiz. I have a yoga studio called THECLASSyoga where both recorded and live classes are taught online, including rocket, power, vinyasa, jivamukti, hatha, integral, iyengar, yin, and meditation. Additionally, there are weekend workshops for deepening practice.