Lose your Mind to Come to your Senses!

by Silvia Venadita

Saturday 18 17:00 – 18:00 Big Yurt ◼︎ Yoga

Awaken your Inner Pharmacy of Wellbeing through Elevating your 6 Senses.

This yoga practise includes an olfactory, blindfold experience, stimulates creativity, boosts sensuality, encourages exploration and discovery. It empowers your somatic intelligence, helps you tune in to you, to come back to your heart.

About Silvia Venadita

Throughout my studies across the world, different cultures and Shamanic traditions inspired me towards a deep reverence for nature. I feel a call to refine our ability to sense and experience the less known aspects of ourself, to rediscover the wild inside and celebrate our uniqueness. I my yoga classes I invite you to consciously use the creative force of your limitless mind, get out of the shape based yoga practice into the vast field of spirit.