Laurine & Cecilio

Friday 17 05:00 – 07:00 Forest Stage DJ

Laurine, deeply rooted in her love for house music, embarked on her DJ journey from the European club scene's fascination with US House and Techno. Armed with an old mixer, she cultivated her skills in vinyl crate digging, leading to her involvement in the collective group Slow Life in Berlin, challenging the digitalization of music. Meanwhile, Cecilio, born in Córdoba, Spain, and now based in Berlin, expresses diverse musical influences through House, Techno, UK breaks, and Afro-rooted music. Both Laurine and Cecilio stand as exceptions, leading a revolution against musical superficiality, steering towards a truer sound, and contributing to Slow Life's success in hosting parties and running a record label.

Armed with an old mixer given by a friend and two turntables, Laurine became a regular at her two local records stores, this is before laptops and internet at home,but this is how music should be experienced, relying only on her ears and her instincts while she began collecting her first records. This thirst for recreating that vibe she often had experienced on the other side of the booth would become the catalyst to begin Djing after she decided to leave her hometown in Italy for the warm city lights of Barcelona.Leaving the politics behind she was able to find a new freedom in the Catalan Capital, working the circuit as a warm up DJ and learning the all valuable lesson of how to build a party from the beginning, thus creating the way for the next artist who arrives to a ready and wanting audience. Armed with this new knowledge she moved over to London where she engrossed her culture of vinyl crate digging, seeking new in the old or finding a rare. This missing link completed that full DJ experience and philosophy she had sought since discovering it the first time on the dancefloor.The next big change and perhaps the most significant was made in Berlin, where a chance meetings with fellow artists Cecilio and S.Moreira brought about the first ideas and discussions for forming a collective group based around a strong musical vibe with a quality sound and energy. The proof was ever made present when together they hosted a Slow Life showcase at the infamous Club der Visionaere to great success, the potential was realized and Slow Life became the vehicle behind their concept.In a world of musical superficiality and set trends with over hyped hysteria, it is hard to find real and authentic music behind honest and true artists. Yet there are exceptions to the rule and Laurine is proof of this, it can be heard in her music and from her records she so dutifully covets and endlessly seeks. She is leading a little revolution that is fighting the gross digitalization of music and steering people back to the right path of a truer sound.

“My artist name is Cecilio. My real name is Cecilio too.I was born and raised in the beautiful Córdoba, Andalucía, Spain. Butmusically speaking I’m from many places, specially Bristol and Berlin,where I call home now.Luckily, I’ve had great musical influences, from my family first, and laterfrom all sorts of friends I have encountered during this life journey. My Willingness and love to dance and make people dance, is what made mea dj. Along the way, I discovered that I also love to touch souls, andmess up minds (in a good way). To do so, I mostly use House andTechno, but UK breaks and afro rooted music are always present. Andwhen needed (or possible) I love to get deep and deeper.I’m part of a crew of nice people called Slow Life. We not only throw some good parties, but also have a decent record label.I’ve been blessed enough to travel the world with my record bag, and I’m Always ready for more!”