La Historia


Sunday 19 13:00 – 14:00 Lake Stage Instrumental

“La Historia” came into being when Óscar Trujillo and David del Cerro touched base after the pandemic lockdown and merged their musical concerns. The former, a cellist and composer with classical training rooted in academic pillars, and the latter, a self-taught guitarist, composer and producer, they generate synergy in their boundless quest for colour, structure and style.

Their creative approach is based on an in-depth look at the roots of instrumental musical culture, thus producing pieces not only with a symphonic tendency but also of a solo and improvisational nature. They address the musical act as a unique, living event. The conception, arrangement and direction of their compositions are, therefore, everchanging and non-exclusive, and seek inspiration from across the globe and from different times in history, a music that is timeless and without borders.

Influenced by the folklore of different cultures and genres, including folk, blues, jazz, African roots and classical music, this duo have also found their niche in theatre soundtracks and commercial scoring, since through their music they are able to transport us to different settings, environments and contexts; in fact wherever our imagination wishes to take us.

Jose Gonzalez, Fela Kuti, Hans Zimmer, and Erik Satie are just some of their inspirations.