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Javypablo, a Malaga-born duo based in Madrid, is making waves in the national music scene with their second album, "SOMOS JAVYPABLO," featuring unique sound and collaborations, as they tour Spain, presenting a mix of new tracks and past hits.

They are now diving into their second album, “SOMOS JAVYPABLO,” which perfectly defines the current moment in terms of sound. Having worked on the majority of the album with the same producers (Khotton, Gèrard Rodríguez, and Omar Alcaide), it showcases greater solidity, homogeneity, and a leap in artistic maturity. “SOMOS JAVYPABLO” is based on two pillars: first, the self-definition of the JavyPablo project as a family concept and unity among brothers and the team. This is reflected in tracks like “Somos,” which shares its name with the album. The second pillar is the concept of “being a sad person,” explored in songs like “Cuadriculado,” “Flores Frescas,” and more explicitly in “Aléjate de los Tristes,” perfectly encapsulating this concept. They also delve into more introspective themes, such as “Cama de Papel,” and explore love in tracks like “Rayito de Luz” or “Cero Conflicto,” always maintaining the essence of the brothers, which propels their project forward. The album features prestigious collaborations with artists like El Kanka and international collaborations with Mexican Marissa Mur and Venezuelans Anakena.

JavyPablo is currently on tour in Spain, visiting cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga, and Seville, presenting their new album along with the songs that have brought them to where they are, such as “A 200 mil,” “Paraíso,” or “Frío.”
They are also known for their unique identity, crafted from the beginning of the project by artist and top designer Hanna Kawan.

Javypablo collaborates with Warner Chappell as the publisher, Orchard as the digital distributor, and Somos Records as the management agency.