0 plastic! All compostable material

We want a festival completely free of plastic.

© Jose Luís Marmolejo

Everywhere you look, you find excessive plastic everywhere. From a supermarket packaging mandarins individually to an office where workers drink water in plastic cups.

For years, we’ve witnessed the staggering amount of plastic generated by music festivals, where crowds of people consume beverages in disposable cups. Recognizing this issue, we at Wakana Reunion have taken proactive steps. Attendees could either purchase their own cup or bring one from home (glass alternatives are not permitted). At Wakana Reunion, we’re deeply committed to environmental conservation and circular economy principles. Our goal is to minimize our festival’s environmental footprint through collaborative efforts from all participants.

Moreover, the adoption of compostable packaging is integral to our sustainability initiatives. Your cooperation in disposing of these materials in organic containers facilitates their return to the earth through industrial composting processes. They also replaced plastic containers with reusable ones, in addition to offering bio compostable plates and utensils made from biodegradable materials such as sugarcane or wood starch in all catering or food services.