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This new edition of the full moon is full of surprises. Among them, we have two new spaces to present: our new palapa a new living structure, fresh, light and beautiful, built from natural materials such as dry palm and wood, bamboo, etc… which means it is made of renewable and long-lived materials, these plant materials allow the flow of air and for that reason it will stay fresh. This new space, facing the lake, with wonderful views, will be a new musical space where you can pick up and continue to live the musical experience we offer throughout the weekend.

For those who attended last year, you will remember the magnificent yurt in which we received you. This yurt has been removed from the entrance, but do not worry, you will be able to continue enjoying it during the meeting for our ceremonies and our yoga and retirement activities.

One of the new things that will be doing this year to take advantage and enjoy all our new spaces, we will have music 24 hours, since the sun rises until it sets, you will be able to enjoy and dance all day long!

In addition, we have enlarged the parking area, to be able to receive you more of you easily!