Wild open heart

by Alizee

Saturday 18 11:00 – 12:00 Big Yurt ◼︎ Yoga

The heart chakra, Anahatha, is the meeting point of the material and the spiritual, the emotional and the mental, of the masculine and the feminine.

Accessible to all, Integral Yoga combines pranayama (breathing exercises) and asanas with prolonged holding postures to release tension, improve the alignment process of the body and strengthen muscles. During this practice we will embrace love, compassion and nourish the real self-love, the one that comes from our heart. Being kind with yourself, treating yourself with love and respecting your body by listening to your limits in the asanas you will practice. This hour flow will wake up your body in a gentle way to connect more with it and get ready to spread the love during Wakana Festival!

About Alizee

My practice comes alive in the peaceful world between yoga and dance; a space that combines my extensive training in each. After 15 years of ballet dancing, I began training in contemporary dance at Chrysalide company. Raised by a yoga teacher, I dove deeper into my practice by completing an integral yoga 500h training in 2016.Borrowing elements from each discipline, my classes help my students free their natural energy through movement, breath, sound and awareness. Building upon my belief that everyone can benefit from yoga, I strive to make my classes inclusive no matter what passions or restrictions people bring to the mat. The practice of integral yoga will help everyone feel good in their head, heart and body. I’m passionate about travelling in wild open spaces, collaborating with new people and creating unique moments in events or classes.