Friday 17 & Saturday 18 22:00 – 02:00 & 00:00 – 05:00 Jaima Bereber DJ

Precursor of the Madrid Underground scene, more than 20 years mixing in all the European clubs, it is worth mentioning his radio show on Radio Enlace on 107.5 fm and his residencies in clubs like Museo Chicote (Madrid) or La Jaima (Cádiz).

He has had more alter egos than colds, from Piter rivers, 2Txochillum, The Apagatis, Simon Del Desierto, Laef Cinetic … Now he introduces himself as RAZIEL248, his personality more connected with the Infinite, where Metatron himself tells him what song he has to play every moment, that’s why his sessions are completely free of musical genre and full of blessings, what he calls “blessings”. Blessings, what he calls Total Music.

His most recent project is his band The Archangels, which he leads together with Nika Scheidemandel, here as musicians with their unique sound, outside of conventions or fashions, their messianic guitars and magnetizing vocals. and their messianic guitars and magnetizing voices short-circuit every mind that listens to them.