Jam de Cul


Sunday 19 16:00 – 19:00 Lake Stage DJ, Instrumental

Jam de Cul takes the audience into a vibrant and unexplored universe, a live experience of improvised music that breaks the boundaries between a studio atmosphere and a stage performance.

Orchestrated by a dubmaster and accompanied by musicians, the Cul Jam offers a total, immersive adventure, celebrating unconstrained improvisation, creating a dynamic where music transcends genres and expectations.

Each event is unique, capturing the elusive moments that improvised music can offer and highlighting the synergy developed between machines and instrumentalists.

It is curated by Sim Tranber and Jean-Baptiste Delskiz. The initial project spans 4 hours with 6 participants, and the booth is central and hexagonal, allowing the audience to circulate around.

The dual stereo sound system grids the space occupied by the audience.