Cacao Ceremony

by Conscious Hub

Sunday 19 12:00 – 13:00 Big Yurt ◼︎ Ceremonies

Join us for a beautiful heart opening, soul connecting and enlivening Cacao Ceremony.

Cacao is a powerful but gentle loving teacher plant that can support you to access the deeper and higher aspects of yourself that call for your awareness and love. This Cacao Ceremony is a space for you to tap into/open the immense power of your heart chakra, connect to your higher form of self, and address anything that may be moving within you. You will be guided on this journey through the use of your breath, expressive movement, and different dynamics/exercises to help you deepen your experience with the Cacao Medicine. Join this playful yet profound journey to harness the frequency of your heart that will support you to feel lighter, more connected, empowered and in love. We only use the highest quality grade Cacao harvested in Peru with love and intention.

About Conscious Hub

Ariana and Colin (Conscious Hub) are two fully certified Life Coaches, Breathwork Facilitators, and Ceremonialists. They work with a variety of modalities, ancestral remedies, and shamanic medicine ceremonies to bring profound healing and transformation into people’s lives. What’s unique about their work is that they offer both the masculine and feminine energies when holding space, providing an authoritative yet nurturing energy that will support you in developing these energies within yourself. Together they create an authentic, safe and loving space for shifts to unfold on multiple levels. They guide others with compassion to transform emotional, physical, spiritual and mental blockages through deep energy and somatic work, connecting them back with their innate wisdom, love, joy and purpose while also having a lot of fun in the process!