Awaken the Flow

by Zarah Boden
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To breathe with awareness is to bring awareness into life itself. The breath is our original medicine. A form of healing used for thousands of years by eastern cultures, the yogis, ancient egyptians, shamanics and ever more science based work.
Conscious connected breathwork is a merged and unbroken breath that creates a constant stream of energy within the body. By bringing awareness to our breath, we bring awareness to our body and allow all stuck tensions to flow. We move suppressed thoughts and emotions to liberate our minds and souls. A powerful backdrop of soundscapes will support in releasing, renewing and realizing our inherent power through the breath. A natural and regenerative flow of life force to deepen connection with self, with others, with spirit.
*This is not suitable for anyone with serious heart conditions, pregnant women, severe hypertension, recent surgery, broken bones or fractures, acute infectious diseases, epilepsy and some severe mental health conditions.

Always fascinated at the grace and intelligence of the human body and guided by Spirit, Zarah has explored movement through yoga and dance for over 20 years. She completed her first Yoga TTC in London, going on to travel and further her learning in India with intensive studies of Astanga Vinyasa, Hatha, Pranayama and Indian Philosophy and various forms of bodywork and energy healing. She has also studied and practices Integrative Breathwork which incorporates breath awareness and conscious breathing for healing, growth, personal awakening and transformation.

Zarah greatest source of inspiration is the breath which you will feel in her classes. A companion to unearth the depths of our being, a way to strip back the layers into our most authentic version and a path to cultivating balance of body and mind, to shine light on the infinite potential within.