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Dan Bentley (live)

  • Date: Friday, 17 May

  • Time: TBD

  • Stage: TBD


Fusing the traditional sound of classical guitar with electronic effects, Dan Bentley’s sound will ground and soothe you. Originally hailing from the English countryside but now resides between London and Ibiza, where he’s established himself as a key curator and performer in the islands live scene.

His sound comprises lush ambient soundscapes with evolving arpeggiated landscapes designed to allow the listener to journey within and fall into bliss.
The reputation this has created has led to him playing various international events, including the UK’s Secret Garden Party, Wilderness and Bulgaria’s Meadows in the Mountains.

His debut EP, released in February, mixes up elements of folk, Arabic, Indian and ambient music, showcasing a talent for creating hypnotic, emotionally-charged soundscapes that immerse the listener. It’s this blend that has captivated audiences across continents, Dan’s playing creating a universal connection wherever he goes.