Psychedelic Garden

by Philo
“Psychedelic Garden” is a celebration of the beauty and complexity of the natural world, with a touch of psychedelic surrealism. By merging the organic forms of nature with wild, fluid patterns and intricate shapes, one is invited to explore the interconnectedness of all things, and to embrace the beauty of the vastness and gentleness of the universe. Inspired by the love of flowers and plants, influenced by the natural rhythms of the stars, moon and ocean.
“By being aware of the breath, one fully engages in the creative process and present moment.”

Hey there, I’m Philo. When I’m on land, you can catch me jamming out on my guitar or sketching out some nature-inspired designs, but when I’m not, I’m out in the ocean, catching waves and exploring the wonders of the deep. I find creative influence in the love of flowers and plants, and the natural rhythms of the stars, moon, and ocean.

Despite the differences in all experiences, I find that they are all connected through the power of conscious breathing. Through conscious breathing, we live a connected and fluid state that allows us to fully express ourselves through art.