Psychedelic Breath®

by Andrea Klimowitz
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Psychedelic Breath® is a dynamic breathing practice that induces deep states of meditation. This technique facilitates mental, spiritual, and physical self-healing benefits. It has the potential to improve self-awareness and a more positive outlook on life.
For an hour you will experience a combination of ancient breathing techniques with electronic music that will allow you to decrease your mental activity and access the most intuitive part of yourself*.
*There are no psychedelics involved.

Andrea Klimowitz is a Transpersonal Coach specialized in Meditation who works with alternative therapies such as Breathwork, Hypnotherapy, EMDR and Sound Healing. Born and raised in Madrid, Andrea has also lived in the USA and Germany, where she learned the latest and most pioneering techniques to expand consciousness. She has traveled the world observing different cultures and their diverse behaviors with the aim of understanding how to live a better life.