by Caridad Gonzalez
  • Big Yurt
  • 19.05.2023
  • 17:00 – 18:00
LNT® therapy gives your energetic body the balance it needs both physically and emotionally. This therapy can help you overcome numerous ailments such as migraines; body aches; contractures; joint pain; stress, anxiety; insomnia; infertility; allergies… In addition, the fact of becoming aware that you are an energetic body unblocks negative personal situations such as: phobias, addictions, lack of abundance, indecision, insecurities?
The New Therapy DOES NOT REPLACE MEDICAL TREATMENTS and is in favour of the progress and study of medicine and science. We can briefly explain that according to The New Therapy®, each person’s physical, emotional/energetic and spiritual bodies are connected to the source. However, each of these three bodies has its own frequency, and as that frequency changes, the connection to the original source or matrix is lost. As a consequence of this disconnection, health problems appear, which can be physical, emotional, spiritual…
What is achieved with The New Therapy ® is to change the frequency of each of the bodies, to reconnect them with the source, and thus health can be restored in all its aspects. The dynamics of the frequency changes in each of the bodies means that we lose health, illnesses appear, what we call “misfortunes”, etc… Because the new frequency is incompatible with the original matrix. This is what we commonly refer to as “vibrating at a low frequency”.

My speciality is to work or train the body in a totally different way to the conventional: Conscious movement, Conscious breathing, Conscious energy, Conscious eating and Conscious relaxation. These 5 elements make up the fundamental parts of my work, which consists of teaching the necessary tools to integrate them into the physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual body.

I carry out this work in classes or individual or group training sessions, sessions on a stretcher, or at a distance, and in workshops of 1, 2 or 3 days, according to the needs of each person. The union of these 5 elements is the perfect combination to achieve any health and wellness goal.

In the breathing workshops you will learn about the importance of O2 in your body and the benefits that proper breathing provides for your brain, as well as how to alkalinize the body or how to let go of everything accumulated from our past or our ancestors.

The energetic work is done in person on a stretcher, or remotely with programmed sessions using the LNT method (The New Therapy, SCHWIDERSKI METHOD). In addition, through dowsing it is possible to measure and increase the vital physical and psychic energy of any organ of our body, as well as to eliminate the energetic pollution that affects us so much.

The aim of energy therapy is the healing of ailments in our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. I work on conscious nutrition by first testing the food intolerance through kinesiology and eliminating the foods that cause inflammation, retention, etc.

Throughout the whole process I will accompany you constantly.
And finally, you will learn to relax with MINDFULNESS techniques.

How LNT® sessions work

When we do LNT® sessions and connect with the source frequency, we reconnect the physical, energetic/emotional, and spiritual bodies with that divine frequency. This is the highest frequency in the entire universe, where healing, miracles, resurrection, the breath of creation, the frequency of God, enlightenment, or quantum chaos, which is nothing more than a higher order of organisation, occur.

After a New Therapy ® treatment, what happens is that a new global frequency appears, reorganised and at the same time more compatible with the frequency of the original matrix, with an increase in the vital force and in the physical, energetic/emotional and spiritual health of the people who have received the sessions. For this reason, healing crises may sometimes appear, which are nothing more than frequency adjustments that manifest in the physical body.

From then on, and although life goes on, we can live experiences again, but with a higher frequency, and as we attract what we vibrate, these will be more pleasant, because we will enter into that Wu Wei and the harmonic flow of life.