Le Bal Chaloupé

  • Lake Stage
  • 21.05.2023
  • 17:00 – 19:00
After “Tropical Voltage Dancing” in 2018, Le Bal Chaloupé offers a second album: “Cavalier noir”. Entirely self-produced, they continue their tropical explorations, from acoustic to more electronic forms. Through this second album, they give a glimpse of the Bal Chaloupé on stage, tinged with raw energy, improvisations and whimsical imagination. The instrumentation is varied to serve the colors of the different compositions: vocals, guitars, bass, synthesizers, saxophones, sampler, percussion.

Created in 2016 in Bordeaux (fr) within the collective party is more than 250 concerts with one idea in mind: to make you suavely undulate from head to toe. Inspired by music at more than 25°c, merengue, afro beat, biguine, cumbia, forró, they offer a warm, powerful sound tinged with electronic flavors. On stage the roles turn, the genres metamorphose between unbridled songs and psychedelic explorations.