Julia Nar

  • Lake Stage
  • 20.05.2023
  • 14:00 – 15:00
Julia Nar, born in Tenerife and currently based in Barcelona, began to feel a strong connection, bond and inspiration with music at a very young age. Her first contact with music came when she was a child, when she learned to play the violin and the piano. However, it was when she learned to play the guitar that she really began to feel this bond in a different way: as a means of escape and expression. Thus, in the most natural way, it begins to play a fundamental role in her life.

The Tenerife-born artist feels especially attracted to and comfortable with genres such as r&b, neo soul and jazz, especially in combination with more electronic sounds.

Her latest releases have led to her songs being included in many of the most listened to playlists in Spain, such as “Relax en casa”.

He has several works that have surpassed 150k plays and has collaborated with artists such as Eva Ruiz, Jorge Román or Khotton Palm.