Flavio Paolo

  • Palapa
  • 21.05.2023
  • 00:00 – 02:00
So writing a biography for myself in third person is not something I entirely feel comfortable with. So I will just use this space to tell you a few things about me.

I instantly fell in love with DJing – it was “love at first sight”. I was 13 – in Mykonos for a windsurf vacation with my Mom – whilst passing by a DJ playing at a bar I was like: “that is exactly what I want to do” rather than the classical Firefighter Idol, something went wrong and I wanted to be a DJ. So the next day I forced her to go get me a mixer. It turned out that the lady at the shop made a mistake – so I got a 2 channel Gemini mixer at the price of 2 euros + 250 euros or so, was given back to me as change – so 10 mila lire got me started. (back in the days we had LIRE In Italy still) anyhow – that was my first foot in. Since then a lot has happened and I got to perform with many international Djs, fell in love with a wide variety of music. Music has always had a key role in my life. From the Mixing Engineer times in London, to my Innovative RÊVE FOR A CAUSE events in Europe. I learned a lot and it’s been a few years that I have been collecting Vinyls and listening to more organic music. And recently got into some experimental Rock. I now want to make a band. (I play piano) Anyhow. Follow me on Instagram to have a Better peak through the window… May Nature Be With You. 😉