Energetic Work & Flow

by Theresa Jänker
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Shake it out, move dynamic & freely – connect & Release in an energetic work & flow. Breathe, trust & let go. Reconnect body, mind and soul and find new energy from within. The energetic journey combines deep meditation, breathing techniques and the awakening of energy points while connecting physical, emotional & spiritual body – combined to create a deep energy activation, finishing with a deepl relaxation.

Theresa is an ocean lover since she can think and passionate world traveler ‚following the sun’. On this journey, life brought her to various beautiful locations around the world – where she is able to share her passion for Yoga. You will find Theresa on the mat redefining advanced Yoga new – where she teaches you to find balance within rather than standing upside down, where meditation can be movement & where you are able to slow down while flowing. If not on her mat, in the waves or connecting with people, you can find her behind her camera, Iphone or Macbook creating content – sharing spirit & vibe for things which inspire her.