Connecting back to our inner truth

by Safia Ayad
  • Big Yurt
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In this 2h workshop, we will travel through our senses and emotion seeking for the deepest connection with our truth.
Being fully connected to our inner truth is a journey. Here is an open door thought it. Guided thought movement, meditation, sound and breathing, you will be able to touch your own and unique authentic self, letting go your fears, limiting believes and any sense of judgement. Welcome to this space where your power and wisdom become your masters. Here is your freedom.

After many years working as a social social media figure, she had her first break thought in 2018, becoming a Mum. No matter what, she couldn’t keep being disconnected to her truest and more authentic self. So she started the most amazing and breathtaking journey: understanding who she is and how to embrace it fully.

Thought meditation, movement, sound, energy work and coaching, she build her own understanding of what it is to be « completely herself ».

She’s currently leaving in Spain and spreading her words and approach around the globe thought podcasts creations, workshops, conferences and retreats.