Animal Totem Meditation

by Roshiva & Victor
  • Big Yurt
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Through this meditation you will get in contact with your totem animal or power animal. Through a an ancient shamanic sound healing and a meditation session you will be guided to the animal totem world to experience which energy represents you.
It is believed that a Spirit Animal chooses you from the day you were born, until the day you die, becoming your Animal Totem, for guidance, protection and to understand better your purpose in life (1:00h Live Music).

About Roshiva

Rocío is a Free Spirit and a daughter of the earth.

Reiki & cristal Healer; Meditation teacher; Ceremonialist, Earth Keeper and artist, original from Spain.

She creates safe and magic environments for people to shatter programmed patterns and protect their energetic body in order to recover their creativity and create their own beautiful reality through powerful manifestations.

Committed to social inclusion and poetry has used her work to empower people with intelectual disability in different places of the world.

Convinced that consciousness is the new revolution.

About Víctor Sitära

Traveling the world and sharing a flow of live deep meditative music, known for his live improvisation of story telling abstract psychedelic space sounds that takes you into a transcending heart opening with radiance waves of the Divine Force.

Combining organic sounds & live instruments such as: Sitar, Tanpura, Guitar, Synthesizers and hand made instruments.