Yin Yoga & Hang Drum

by Maite Mendez & Ariel Zutel Handpan
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About Ariel Zutel Handpan

The melodic, musical storytelling invites us into the oniric world. As a vibrational artist Ariel has toured Europe, the Middle East and the Americas for the past 13 years, creating intimate and unique music experiences through the use of his voice and the Handpan, playing for concerts, yoga classes, ceremonies and more.

About Maite Mendez

Her passion – besides art and the creative expression of the Spirit – is being by and in the sea. Scuba diving, freediving, swimming, dancing and, of course, yoga? For her they are all different versions of the same thing. And that is what she transmits in her classes: Passionate about Buddhist Zen meditation, in her classes she invites to silence the mind through the choreography of the body and the breath.
Founder of Mandalablue Yoga in Indonesia in 2014, this Spaniard with Colombian roots decides to share her experience in Spain in one of her favorite places on the planet: Tarifa (Cadiz). Trained in Yoga, Meditation, Tantra, Sound Therapy and Channeling in Berlin, Hamburg, Indonesia and India by the hand of teachers such as Mark Stephens, Sarah Powers, Tina Nance, Mark Whitwell, Simon Borg-Olivier, among others, her passion for the work is to contribute to the knowledge of the true self through practice: “the body is the channel. Through the practice of asana and guided breathing we move the energy intuitively to connect with “something” much higher, which is who we really are”.
Besides teaching classes throughout the year in Tarifa and being part of the teaching staff of the Yoga Barn in Bali, Maite offers Akashic Records reading, workshops, retreats and yoga teacher training in different parts of the world and also in online version.