Tuna de la Universidad de Sevilla

  • Lake Stage
  • 22.05.2022
  • 12:00 – 13:00
La Gloriosa, Antigua, Muy Andariega e Ilustre Tuna de Leyes Hispalense” is a “tuna” founded back in the 50s and since then has been carrying out its activity uninterruptedly until today.

“The style that now characterizes the “tuna de leyes hispalense” has been forged over the years, highlighting sobriety, elegance and respect for tradition as its main values without losing the playful respect that is characteristic of this student community.

This “tuna” has also been characterised by the composition of its own songs such as ”Rumor en los balcones”, ”Plazas de mi Sevilla”, ”Tus ojos” or ”Maicena”, authentic hits in the world of “tunas”. We have also released three long records: ”La Tuna por Derecho”, ”Rojo Bolero” and ”El Trovador’.

We would like to say goodbye addressing those who believe that this community is outdated, that as long as there are those who love music, share dreams and longings and seek love in every glance, there will continue to be Tunos and the spirit of the “Tuna” will continue to live on.

Tuna de Derecho, in Seville on 14 March 2022.