Sound Healing

by Lousila & Gregg Chapman
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Lousila is a multidimensional sound healer and musician who works with a variety of native and tuned instruments, as well as the voice, mantra, and medicine songs, to create a gentle and immersive sacred soundscape that facilitates deep relaxation and expanded states of consciousness.

Australian born, Gregg Chapman is a Didgeridoo sound therapist, Cacao practitioner and New Songline Activator.

Gregg discovered the healing power of the Didgeridoo in 2009 while he was playing the Didgeridoo at a backyard barbecue when a friend asked him to play the didgeridoo on her back pain as she had recently been involved in a serious road traffic accident. The vibrations of the Didgeridoo work in the same way that medical ultrasound works so her pain had disappeared soon after this informal session around a fire. He then discovered that he could go into a trance while playing the didgeridoo and after he saw the sound for the first time, his concept of himself as an energy being had changed forever.

Since then, Gregg has been using the Didgeridoo in sound bath sessions, special needs and autism specialist schools, hospitals, retreats, yoga studios and festivals. He runs a private practice with clients from all around the world to help them self heal through understanding beliefs and what they are manifesting through their frequency.

Gregg experienced this after his wife died in 2019 and went through a process of grief, loss and depression. This experience gave him the knowledge of how he can transmute stuck emotions through sound and energy techniques.

In March 2020, Australian Aboriginal prophecy revealed that the New Songlines had been activated. Songlines are the way in that the Indigenous people of Australia walk the land and connect with nature. They are never lost. The New Songlines are about how people from all backgrounds and skin colours can unite and walk as one to create a new earth with the teachings of one of the oldest cultures on the planet. The Didgeridoo helps to sing up these New Songlines and shows us the truth as to who we really are.

Gregg is passionate about bringing this ancient Aboriginal wisdom to the world through his connection with an Australian Aboriginal elder and senior Lore woman.