by Alejandra Welsh
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By building on human connection we learn empathy for each other and the planet we live on. Through the power of touch and intimacy (platonic or otherwise) we can learn to reconnect with our own ultimate human pursuit – pleasure . When we beomce energetically, sensually and erotically tuned into our bodies – that is when we are able to ground with nature and the world around us.

Alejandra Welsh is a Sex Educator with a background in Psychology. She believes that sexual wellness and pleasure is a basic human right and her life’s mission is to create a more empowered and shame-free world where everyone can be their own sexual expert!

Growing up internationally from South East Asia to the Middle East, South America to Europe, Alejandra identifies as a Third Culture Kid (TCK). In short, this means she was brought up on the values and culture of her parents whilst also embracing the wildly different cultures of the countries she lived in; thus creating her very own third culture.

She was brought up around many different cultures, languages, traditions, races and classes. Nothing has been more eye-opening and enriching than truly being a nomad of the world.

However one global common denominator has always been the topic of sex. Sex was seen as taboo and pleasure was never part of the conversation. Slut shaming went unnoticed and ‘boys shouldn’t cry’ was the norm. Unfortunately, this still seems to be the case today, no matter where you were brought up.

The purpose of Alejandra’s work is to provide the world with comprehensive and holistic sex education which is culturally relevant and scientifically backed. Her mission is to immerse you in a world of sex and body-positive art, music, literature and culture so that sex no longer has to be taboo.