Route to Wakana Reunion

Join Ombrosa from Alcalá de Los Gazules to Wakana!
  • By
  • Flavio Paolo
Road to Wakana is an immersive experience organized by Ombrosa. With 2 days of total immersion in nature. Participants will walk inside the Los Alcornocales Natural Park, one of Andalusia’s most unique and attractive areas. Listed as ‘one of the ten natural wonders of Europe”, it is the habitat of endemic ferns, home to the lynx, and the cradle of millenary cultures.

To participate, one needs to boost decent physical preparation, a free spirit, and a genuine curiosity for the wonders of nature. Be prepared to sleep in a reasonably uncomfortable tent, and eat by the fireplace with some like-minded folks – accompanied by the sounds of the forest. Take this opportunity to gaze at the stars, forest bathe and enjoy the park at its best. There is no better way to be at total peace with yourself.

Arrive at Wakana with renewed energy and a lifted spirit, and some new friends.