Miguel Payda

  • Main Stage
  • 21.05.2022
  • 03:30 – 05:30
Elegance is the adjective most used to define their sound. Infinite textures and sophisticated melodies in his productions are currently in demand in the main labels. Influenced by groups like Radiohead, Massive Attack or Portishead, he brings his sound to the club scene. Creator and general manager of “Metrica”, a label that has established itself as one of the most important at the moment where all his references reach top sales and his events are considered as one of the most important in Europe.

In addition to releasing on his own label, he has released on labels as renowned as “Balance Music” with Marino Canal, Steyoyoke, or Secret Fusion. Many other important labels have been fixed on his music and new releases will be released soon.

His sets have been enjoyed all over Europe and soon he will visit America with a tour of the main destinations.