Lela Soto

  • Lake Stage
  • 21.05.2022
  • 16:00 – 17:00
Lela Soto Sordera (Madrid, 1992) is one of the most valuable young voices on the current scene. She represents the youngest line of one of the most important flamenco family trees, Los Sordera, from Paco La Luz, El Gloria and La Pompi, to her grandfather Sordera, her father Vicente and her uncles Enrique, El Bo y Sorderita. She is also influenced by her mother, the dancer Luisa Heredia, who is sister of the great Ray Heredia, a fundamental agent of the new flamenco era.

Lela takes all these influences and adds her own musical learning to a very new, personal and fresh way to sing. Her voice is highly intense, passionate and full of flamencura.

Lela Soto has collaborated with Alejandro Sanz, Niña Pastori, Pitingo and many others, and she has performed in ones of the most important flamenco stages, like the Festival of Jerez, the Holland Bienalle, Suma Flamenca, Bienal de Málaga, the Festival Flamenco de Toulouse and the World Music Festival of Copenhagen. In 2017 she got full tuition to study in the Cristina Heeren Foundation. In 2019, Lela won the critic’s choice award Pellizco Flamenco in the Festival of Jerez for her show Mi Herencia Cantaora.