Joss de Pfyffer

  • Main Stage
  • 20.05.2022
  • 18:00 – 20:00
Joss de Pfyffer, Born in Chamonix France with Swiss/Zimbabwe originated family. Grew up in Zimbabwe and South of Spain and at the age of 19 discovered the love for electronic music during his first year in Madrid. Through electronic music he has realised his African roots and has come to terms that playing music for his friends and followers allows him to express a side of himself that might have been lost after leaving the motherland.

He thrives to create a strong connection with his dancers and relate to each place he plays to adapt slightly with what atmosphere he is playing in whist maintaining his progressive style. Influenced by people like Black coffee, Nicolas Jaar, Monolink, Kerela Dust, Hraach, Nu, Bedoine, in the lighter genres and building up to progressive melodic Techno like Stan Kolev, Rafael Cerato, Matan Caspi. Warmed up for artists like Nicone and Sascha braemer, La fluer. Currently one of the big promotors of Verbier Switserland for electronic Events and has a strong presence in South of Spain TARIFA with his own promoting brand called TWISTTARIFA. He is going into the small extreme sports festival world now and has some big things installed for next season 2020.