Freedom Flow Yoga

by Silvia Tarifa
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Silvia worked for over 25 years with many different forms of dance, Yoga and healing therapies. In 2002 she brought her deep love for embodied movement to the South of Spain. Inspired by decades working with various indigenous traditions she regularly shares her love for sacred rituals in her yoga classes, in weddings and celebrations and through facilitating traditional Cacao Ceremonies and transformational retreats.

Silvia feels a call to refine our ability to sense and experience the less known aspects of ourself, to rediscover the wild inside and celebrate our uniqueness. She uses the power of intention and prayer to create sacred space and deepens the heart connection through intuitive body- and breath work. One of her strengths is to guide group energy through an experience with the Divine, using rituals to build faith, a sense of interconnectedness and personal empowerment.