Don’t worry, be happy!

by Claire Curély
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In this group workshop, we will explore together different ways to be in good spirits and regain the courage to move forward for those who feel they need it. And for those who think they already have a good dose of happiness but need the tools to stay happy no matter what, we’ll explore how to achieve it!
Through practical exercises, using extraordinary tools, you will find the resources and means to keep that precious smile on your face and make your life a more peaceful journey. Sharing and caring are on the menu of this workshop, to change with serenity as a group as well as individuals. Come with your strengths and weaknesses, with your hopes and doubts, and leave with a smile!
Warning: This workshop is likely to make you happier in life, grumpy people welcome. 😉
Duration: 2 hours
About Claire Curély, happy life coach

Claire could be called a life coach (that’s her job title after all!) but her true passion and aim in life is to help people feel more connected to themselves, happier and capable of living a heroic life: a life where they know they can achieve their dreams and reach any goal they wish, a life that makes them feel fulfilled and thriving.

Claire has plenty of tools she happily transmits to the people she works with in order to help them help themselves, the goal being to make them more autonomous and more powerful, more in control of themselves and of their lives.

She has studied and practised, read and learnt a lot about what makes each human being unique and yet like other humans, what makes us tick and how we function, but she considers that her personal work and development through therapy, coaching and more generally life’s experiences, is what makes her an effective coach and able to understand the needs of the people who seek her services. That and the fact that she just LOVES people for their uniqueness and differences and loves to help them discover their strengths and powers before finally seeing them leave with a smile on their faces. She aims to make you the hero of your life!