Chí Kung

by Shen
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Ancestral art that emerged from the energetic dances of Taoist shamanism. Philosophy of life, based on the observation of the organic order of nature and its cycles, other beings, planets and cosmos…to be able to harmonize ourselves individually and learn to flow with it.
Chí Kung is literally defined as the cultivation of our internal energy, through three fundamental aspects of the human being: the body, the breath and the mind… Its therapeutic work is encompassed within the complex system of traditional Chinese medicine, and in concepts such as vacuum, yin & yang, five elements and eight trigrams. Its continued practice brings us strength and flexibility, energy and vitality, clarity and inner peace…developing a state of connection with Life. Come and enjoy a session, in which you will find stillness in movement…to return together to the origin!

A session given by Shen, instructor of traditional Taichi chuan, Chí Kung and Meditation. With more than twenty years of personal practice and developing the application of these arts to electronic music. He is currently part of the audio visual collective Openthenext, based in Barcelona.