Cacao Ceremony

by Los Cosmiqueros
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Come and join us on a heart-opening journey to receive the blessing and healing of ceremonial Cacao that will lift your spirit and make you feel radiant, switched on and fully alive.
Following the ceremonial ways we’ve learned over the years, as well as guided by the ancestral memories in our own DNA, we create a sacred space to allow us all to connect deeply to the medicine.
We use the power of intention setting, Prayer, music, silence, guided meditation, breath work, ecstatic dance and sharing to connect to Spirit and deepen the heart connection in ourselves and with others. This way we can receive the healing that the Cacao invites us to.
Let your spirit fly on the wings of live Medicine Music of Andean, Amazonian and Astral origins, guided by vocals, guitar, didgeridoo, small percussion instruments and harmonica. Sync your heartbeat to the pulse of the Earth on the beats of the shamanic drum. We close our ceremony by giving Thanks and Blessings in a moving, heartfelt prayer.

We are Anne Marie and Benjamin, a Dutch-Australian couple walking the path of plant medicine together since 2011 as Los Cosmiqueros. Our lives are a tribute to the healing power of plants. It’s a great honour for us to hold ceremonial space and answer the call to share plant medicine with others.

Our ceremonies call on the practices of Brazilian white nights, Peruvian vegetalismo, indigenous tribes from the Amazon including the Yawanawa and Moon Dance from the ancient tradition of Mexico.