Astrology 2022: global changes

by Catherine Rubio
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How to take advantages on a personal level of these energies?
2020 and 2021 have been dominated by tumultuous planetary transits. 2022 is a call to global changes and new way of thinking. Discover in that talk which are 2022 global opportunities and challenges and how these ones affect your personally.

My name is Catherine Rubio, I am French and Spanish. I bought my first Tarot deck 17 years ago, and I learned it in an autodidact way. So then, I realized the coincidences between Tarot and Astrology. I delved into the fascinating world of the planets 6 years ago, training with many astrologists among them José Millan.

I am passionate about astrology because of its evolutive perspective, and thus, I interpreter the birth chart as a vital map of the personal path that must be followed to achieve evolution.