Antonio Zuiani

Live painting
  • Close to
  • Lake stage
Antonio Zuiani is an Italian visual artist from Friuli-Venezia-Giulia, born in Gorizia.

“The roots of his inspiration come from different time frames and different aesthetics:

from Surrealism to Neofuturism, from Decadentism to Avant-garde,from Brutalism to Parametric, from Analog to Digital.

His research concern light design, trough drawing, painting, sculpting and photography; the experience as light designer in architecture studios, deeply influence his production process where the artist predicts effect of light inside the artwork, creating a 3d perspective on a bi-di­mensional media.

The output is a scenery, an aesthetic landscape made of multiple atmospheres, moods and characters.

Each drawing is a different chapter of the same book, a continuous slideshow of windows open on the same vision, a parallel dimension with its own time and space”.