• Forest Stage

Seiva is a Lisbon-based DJ playing a wide variety of groovy selectas in Lisbon, Paris and beyond.

Having grown up during the nineties, Seiva’s first contact with dance music was made during the golden era of house, listening to the tapes his older cousins would bring back from rave parties. A deeply rooted influence that he has always kept since then. As years went by he trained his ear to many other genres sharing groove as a common denominator.



At first just an avid digger, vinyl collector and of course party goer, Seiva’s love to share music made him DJ more and more until it took a major part in his life. Now resident DJ and curator of Le Baron Lisboa, you can find him regularly DJing in Lisbon, Paris and beyond, playing a wide variety of sets that mix balearic house, synthpop and boogie, contagious afro and disco, deep trance or groovy techno…

Seiva also holds a monthly show, Juicy Beats, on Lisbon’s East Side Radio, a show that also gave birth to a party where he invites friends and admired DJs from all over the word.