• Forest Stage

Misterpiro is a visual/urban artist. A graduate of Madrid’s Complutense University, he currently lives in Madrid, and frequently travels due to his work. His artistic career has its origins in the streets as a graffiti writer, a discipline later complemented by watercolours, acrylic and water-based techniques in his studio.



As an artist, he has successfully combined these two contrasting aspects, resulting in a unique, vibrant and colourful style, embracing a palette that goes from the hottest reds to the most electric turquoises. He brings the delicacy of watercolours to the street, where outdoor walls provide him with a new canvas that is far removed from the paper upon which he creates his most delicate works.

His technique is based upon improvisation, combining the aggressive quality of spray-paint and the delicacy of watercolours on various surfaces. The fluidity of the water and the volatility of the atmosphere fill his works with light and expression, creating a world that transports us from the figurative to complete abstraction.