Hugo Kant (live)

  • Main Stage

Trip hop, jazz, hip hop, classical, 70’s rock, dub and world music, Hugo Kant mixes all those genres to form a rich original and cohesive whole. A generous electronic music made with acoustic instruments, atmospheric sounds, strong rythmics and catchy melodies.



His project started in 2011 with “Searching London” EP and “I Don’t Want To Be An Emperor” album. Followed by “Leave Me Alone” EP (2 tracks + remixes by The Herbaliser and Chinese Man) and “The Point Of No Return” album (including 3 collabs with Kathrin De Boer, Astrid Engberg and LostPoet) in 2013 and 2014. His third album « Out Of Time » saw the light of the day in 2017. At the same time he collaborated with artists including The Herbaliser, Ancient Astronauts and many others.

He tours the world rising his music beyond the records to the lands of improvisation, feeling, with virtuosity and strong energy. He supported acts including The Herbaliser, DJ Krush, Tony Allen, Chinese Man, Wax Tailor…