Holed Coin (live)

  • Lake Stage

Holed Coin is the personal project of Jose Carlos Acal Blanco as well as a band. He is also a member of the Territorio Slow Collective. Holed Coin’s objective is to tell stories and invoke feelings in the listener with a fusion of organic and electronic sounds.



Holed Coin’s first EP was released in 2014 by Sonora Records and since then their tracks have been published by labels like Bar25, Pipe & Pocket, Earthly Delights, Ready Mix Records, Lndkhn, Dream Awake, Lebensfreude Records, Nifu Nifa Records, Underyourskin Records, Lump Records, Cosmic Awakenings y Heimlich.

At the moment Jose Carlos has stepped on cities like Berlin, Moscow, Tulum, Kiev, Roma, Ibiza, Amsterdam, Barcelona and Madrid amongst others showing his solitary live set and DJ set full of ethnic rhythms from all over the world, synthesizers, arpeggios and piano sounds with influences from downtempo and electronic world music with the aim of expressing his idea of what is electronic music.