• Forest Stage

With a family background already with both feet in the music industry, it didn’t take long for Calabasa to start his own musical endeavours in the electronic music scene.

At 17, he started experimenting with music production under the alias “Blackgate”, less than 2 years later he published tracks such as “Abyss” which gained international support from artists such as Deadmau5 and Boys Noize.



Around that time Calabasa started building his own series of events in Madrid which a few years later have grown into a company managing 2 brands with over 130+ events and regularly hosting international DJs.

This has not only lead Calabasa to share the DJ booth with some of the world’s most notorious underground music artists (such as Lil’ Louis, East End Dubs, Lazare Hoche, Sweely, Phil Weeks, Arapu, Priku etc…) but has lead him to perform across Europe in prestigious venues such as Egg in London, NF34 (Nuits Fauves) in Paris, or Club Romantica in Stuttgart, Germany.

Calabasa’s sound can be characterised as dreamy, heart-warming and welcoming, although snappy enough to keep you on your toes. Fan of the Minor chord’s playfulness but with an undeniable guilty pleasure for Major chords’ optimism.
His sets can vary from deep to minimal sounds, always keeping the same line of focus, the music in between the lines, the genuine reaction to what isn’t there but in fact is, the passive but equally legitimate dialect of music.