Álvaro Suárez (live)

  • Lake Stage

Álvaro Suárez is a spanish musician currently living in Copenhagen (Denmark). At 5 years old he started to study violin and from then on his interest on music increased day by day, opening his mind for another styles out of classical music but without leaving the violin aside. Influence of his classical studies in Alvaro’s music is huge, giving big importance to melodic elements on his tracks and dj sets. The idea of making a link between classical and electronic music has been always on his mind so he supports his sets playing live violin.



Since 2015 he started to be a regular in the scene of Berlin and Copenhagen playing often in well known venues of the German capital as Sisyphos, Weekend Club, Ritter Buzke, Suicide Circus or Chalet. And it is since 2017 that he started to travel more intensively with his music, performing only during the last year in cities like Athens (Greece), Berlin (Germany), Casablanca (Morocco), Copenhagen (Denmark), Gothenburg (Sweden), Haarlem (Netherlands), Le Carbet (Martinique – France), Los Angeles (USA), Madrid (Spain), Mexico City (Mexico), Miami (USA), Moscow (Russia), Paris (France), Reykjavik (Iceland), Tulum (Mexico) or the popular Burning Man in Nevada (USA) to name a few.